Lab Interfaces

Below is a list of all of our current Lab Interfaces, including the type of interface (i.e. results only, requests & orders). The contact information for each lab (if available) is provided in the Lab Contact column. If you choose to email the contact person click on the "Email" link after his/her name. Please complete the data indicated on the pre-populated email that opens. The information we recommend that you send in your initial email is: (1) Office Ally Admin Username, (2) Practice Name / Provider Name, (3) Phone Number, (4) Practice Address, and (5) Email Address.

R=Results O=Orders

Lab Name R O Lab Contact (click Email to email)
ABC Labs (American Bio-clinical Labs) X X Juan Romero: Email or Romano Tongco: Email
Access Medical Laboratory X   Chad T. Dean: Email / Phone: (866) 720-8386 Ext. 215
Accu Reference Laboratory X X Email
Accurate Diagnostic Labs X X Aliyar Khalil: Email / Phone: (732) 839-3300
Aculabs X   Email
Acupath Laboratories X X Barbara Jurysta: Email
Acutis Diagnostics   Maha Alam: Email / Phone: (516) 874-7632
Advanced Medical Laboratory X   Allison Boehler: Email / Phone: (928) 344-8525
Adventist Health X   Carlene Henriques: Email / Phone: (916) 783-2517
Aegis Sciences Corporation X   Email / Phone: (800) 533-7052
AMA Lab (Advanced Medical Analysis) X   Contact your Lab Representative
American Clinical Reference Laboratory X X Bernard Guignard: Email
American Esoteric Laboratories X X Email / Phone: (901) 405-8200
Ameritox X   Robin Hoover: Email
Amna Medical Center X X Zahid Aslam: Email / Phone: (443) 350-3519
Arcadia Radiology Medical Group X   Marc Behun: Email / Phone: (626) 710-7070  
Arcadia Woman's Imaging Center X   Marc Behun: Email / Phone: (626) 710-7070 
 Aspirar Medical Lab   David Shire: Email
Associated Pathology Medical Group Inc. X   Peter Nguyen: Email
Atherotech Diagnostic Lab X X Samantha Stowell: Email
Aurora Diagnostics Laboratory of Dermatopathology   Vanessa: Email
Bako Pathology X X Jennifer Lynn: Email / Phone: (208) 995-6533
Bicorp Labs X   Vache: Email
Bio Reference Labs X X Andrew Villruel: Email / Phone: (800) 229-5227
BioData Lab X X Qama Haider: Email
Biological Laboratory, Inc. X X Kimcy Dabu: Email / Phone (900) 718-4952
Boston Heart Diagnostics X X Michael Winn: Email
Bostwick Laboratories X X Mike Apostolides: Email
CAMC Memorial Hospital X   Greg Lane: Email / (304) 388-5076
Care Bio Clinical X   Joe Shayefar: Email / (818) 633-1335
Cedars Sinai Laboratory X   Jeannie Kalivoda: Email
Center for Diagnostic Imaging X X Lauren Steffen: Email
CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System X   William McGregor: Email
Cleveland Heartlab, Inc. X   Customer Service: Email / Phone: (866) 358-9828, option 1
Clinical Pathology Labs - Mid Atlantic Region X X Adrian Fonseca: Email / Phone: (703) 652-5272
Clinical Pathology Labs - South East Region X X Daniel Williamsson: Email / Phone: (321) 445-6620
Clinical Pathology Labs - South West Region X X Frank Arienzo: Email / Phone: (512) 498-2122
Clinlab X X Joe VanGronigen: Email / Phone: (314) 488-0156 
CMB Laboratories X X Renee Maldonado: Email
CM Laboratory X   Heidy Rincon: Email
Coastal Diagnostic Imaging X   Shana Wolfe: Email / Phone: (678) 992-7249
Complete Bio Solutions X   Alejandro Lopez: Email
Contra Costa Pathology Associates X Erin Cronister: Email / Phone: (925) 270-3575
Counsyl, Inc. X X EMR Team: Email / Phone: (888) 268-6795
Crittenton Hospital Medical Center X   Paula Ellis: Email
Diagnostic Imaging of Salem X X Help Desk/IT: Email / Phone: (503) 480-1505
Diagnostic Pathology Medical Group   Corri Gran: Phone: (916) 447-6840 
Doctors General Laboratory X X Samir Patel: Email
Dominion Diagnostics X   Anne Ballard: Email / Phone: (401) 667-5709
Doshi Diagnostics X   Bonnie Blondell: Email
Empire City Laboratories X X Julie Olender: Email
EndoChoice X   Local Sales Rep / Phone: (888) 682-3636
EndoLab/Lifepoint X   Moises Lopez: Email / Phone: (845) 471-7714 
Envision Radiology X X Weston Miller: Email / Phone: (719) 358-5402
Enzo Clinical Labs, Inc X X Rich Paladino: Email / Phone: (201) 576-9820
Evergreen Health Lab X   Local Representative: Phone: (425) 899-3900 opt. 2
Excell Clinical Labs  X   Sal D'Amore: Email / Phone: (201) 280-4872
Express Laboratory X X Lori Leask: Email / Phone: (208) 529-8330
Florida Family Laboratory X   Jeovanny: Email
Foundation Laboratory X   Bryan Baldwin: Email / Phone: (909) 623-9301
Franciscan Health System/PAML X   Gabe Licka: Email
Genomind X X David Pfeil: Email / Phone: (267) 220-0870
Genotox X X Jennifer Morgan: Email / Phone: (919) 201-5608
Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center X   Service Desk: (541) 768-4911
Health Care Providers Laboratory X   Mario Saravia: Email / Phone: (626) 813-3800 
HealthLab Local Sales Rep 
HealthQuest Laboratories X X Alejandro Sanchez: Email / Phone: (714) 418-5867 ext. 105
Henry Mayo Hospital X   William Kinsey: Email / Phone: (661) 254-0484
Hill Imaging Center X   Marc Behun: Email / Phone: (626) 710-7070 
Hoag Memorial Hospital  X   Email
Hunter Lab (Atlas) X X Contact your Lab Representative
Huntington-Hill Breast Center X   Marc Behun: Email / Phone: (626) 710-7070  
Huntington-Hill Imaging Center X   Marc Behun: Email / Phone: (626) 710-7070  
Incyte Diagnostics X X Amy Meow: Email / Phone: (206) 795-3336 
Infinity Clinical Labs X X Alexandra Pereira: Email
Inglewood Imaging Center X X Brad Schmidt: Email
Inland Imaging X X Sandra Weeks: Email / Phone: (509) 363-7672
Interpath X X Angela Richman: Email / Phone: (541) 379-5230
InReach Community Dx X X Gary Fitzpatrick: Email
Integrated Pathology Services X   Michael Morely: Email / Phone: (623) 889-0100
Kern Radiology X   Sal Monarrez: Email
LabCorp (Laboratory Corporation of America) X X Contact your Local Representative
Laboratory Alliance of Central New York X   Customer Service: Phone: (315) 461-3008
Laboratory Medicine Consultants X   Paris: Email
Laboratory Practice, Inc. X   Arman: Email
LabSolutions, LLC X Chris Brown: Email
Labtech Diagnostics X   Email
Lenco Diagnostic Laboratory X X Bernie: Email
LifeBrite Laboratories X   Email
Magnolia Medical Imaging X   Tommy Johnson: Email
Maine General Medical Center X   Fran Wheelock: Email / Phone: (207) 623-6601
Manhattan Physicians Lab X   Salvatore D'Amore: Email / Phone: (973) 575-8484 ext. 134 or Kevin Sealy: Email / Phone (973) 575-8484 ext. 106
Mary Washington Hospital X   David Gibbs: Email
MD Reports X   Email
MD Tox Laboratory X X Balwinder Singh: Email / Phone: (949) 612-2371
MedComp Sciences X   Support: Email
Medical Arts Radiology X   Georgia Cioffari: Email / Phone: (631) 470-1500
Medical Associates of Brevard X   Julie Godfrey: Email
Medical Diagnostics Lab CA X   Jamie Villatoro: Email
Medical Science Lab X   Mohinder Ghandi: Email
Med Science Center Inc. X X Lida Barain: Email / Phone: (818) 500-1814
Medlife Diagnostic Services   Varinder Goyal or Adriana Mendez: Email / (443) 539-4100
Medstar Laboratory X X Charles Dressner: Email
Mercy Diagnostics X X Cory Stilton: Email / Phone: (856) 437-5254
Millennium Laboratories X X Brian Hood: Email / Phone: (858) 451-3535
Miraca Life Sciences X   Interface Project Coordinators: Email
Natera, Inc. X   Susan Zneimer: Email / Phone: (650) 249-9090
Nathan Littauer Hospital Laboratory X   Martin D. Brown: Email / Phone: (518) 773-5585
Northern Plains Lab  X Paul Nelson: Email / Phone: (800) 659-0395 
North Shore Medical Labs X X Ahsan Sheikh: Email / Phone: (516) 455-0622 
Orange County Diagnostics X   Toni Zabala: Email
Pacific Diagnostics Laboratory X   Sonny Varadan: Email / Phone: (509) 939-1611
Pacific Medical Laboratory X X Dr. Jay Zarghami: Email
Palo Alto Pathology X   Dr. Kenneth Hadler: Email / Phone: (650) 617-1849
PathGroup (Atlas) X X Contact your Lab Representative
PathMD X   Justina Katz: Email / Phone: (424) 303-7529
Patient Toc  X    Lyndee Knox: Email
PAML X   Contact your Local Representative
Pathology Inc X X Carla Mezquita: Email / Phone: (310) 225-3199
Pathway Diagnostics X   Chad Howell: Email
Peace Health Labs X X Nicolette Sowa: Email / Phone: (541) 984-8280
Peninsula Diagnostic Imaging Lab X   Brad Hebert: Email
Physicians Automated Laboratory X X Michael Lucas: Email / Phone: (661) 325-0744
Physicians Immunodiagnostic Laboratory X   Alfred Ramzi: Email / Phone: (800) 363-6562
Physicians Reference Laboratory X X Sheilah McRoy: Email / Phone: (913) 338-4070
Precision Diagnostics   Chris Ferrer: Email / Phone: (858) 247-2122 
Precision Pathology Medical Group X   IT Department: Email / Phone: (209) 577-1200 x584
Premier Tox  X   Zac Coffey: Email / Phone: (270) 228-0408
Primex X X Andre Aslanian: Email / Phone: (818) 779-0496
Progenity X X Ann Grenko: Email / Phone: (855) 293-2639 
Propath Laboratory X X Local Rep: Phone: (800) 258-1253
Providence Everett Medical Center X   Jim Carroll: Email / Phone (425) 261-3664 or Jessica Mayfield: Email / Phone (425) 261-3669
QDx Pathology Services   Mansoor Memon: Email / Phone: (908) 325-1508 
QSS, LLC   William Webb: Email / Phone: (405) 471-5538
Quest Diagnostics Inc. X X Complete the Online EMR Interface Request Form
Radiology Associates of San Luis Obispo  X X Gina Bautista: Email
Radiology Regional Center X   Alex Santos: Email or Shawn Elliot: Email
Radnet X X Email
RDL Reference Laboratory X X Avi Erblich: Email / Phone: (800) 338-1918
Regional Medical Center X   Vickie Arnerich: Email / Phone: (408) 254-5243
Regional Medical Labs X X Mike Cadenhead: Email
Renaissance Laboratory X X Justin Alexander: Email / Phone: (956) 212-5115
Ridgecrest Regional Hospital X   Jason Milner: Email / Phone: (760) 499-3060
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital - Rahway X   Kristen Langston: Email / Phone: (410) 897-7910
Saddleback Memorial Medical Center X   Suzanne Campbell: Email / Phone: (949) 697-5996
San Diego Imaging, Inc. X   Holly Jane Hughes: Email / Phone: (858) 634-5937
Satellite Lab X   Kathy Clous: Email / Phone: (650) 780-7675
SECON X   Guy Bricker: Email / Phone: (248) 834-2525 
Seton Medical Center X   Ron Viray: Email
Shady Grove Radiology X   Denise Kramer: Email
Sharp Labs X X Ross Cantor: Email / Phone: (310) 277-9100
Shasta Pathology Labs   Forest Bowman: Email / Phone: (530) 255-1020 
Shiel Medical Labs X   Email
SimonMed Imaging X X Von Doss: Email
Singulex, Inc. X X Jimmy Chen: Email / Phone: (510) 995-9031
Solstas Lab Partners (formerly Spectrum) X X Joe Cline: Email / Phone: (336) 574-6654
Sonoma Valley Hospital/Redwood X   Lois Valenzuela: Email
Sonora Quest Laboratories X   Shanon Francis: Email / Phone: (602) 685-5360
Sound Medical Laboratory, LLC X X Myles Standish: Email
South Bay Imaging X   Dustin Hughes: Email / Phone: (925) 935-4002
Southwest Medical Center X   Mary Paeth: Email / Phone: (360) 514-4441
St. Agnes Medical Center X   Aubrey Thompson: Email
St. Charles Health System X X Anja Doerge: Email / Phone: (541) 706-2790
St. Joseph's Hospital X   Varun Bathla: Email / Phone: (714) 704-3422
Steinberg Diagnostic Imaging X   Erica Vatne: Email / Phone: (702) 370-1678
StrataDx X   Daniel McCormick: Email
Sun Clinical Lab X   Daniel Sun: Email
Sunrise Medical Laboratory X X Adrian Fonseca: Email or Pramesh Desai: Email
Theranostix Lab X   John Cucci: Email
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital X   Jerry Magrann: Email
Thousand Oaks Pathology X X Sara Williams: Email / Phone: (805) 373-8582
Tribal Diagnostics X   Cory Littlepage: Email
Tri Cities Lab X X Debbie Didzerekis: Email
Tri City Medical Center X   Miava: Email
TriCore Reference Laboratories X   Zahra Mazaheri: Email
True Health Diagnostic X X Danijela Misljencevic: Email / Phone: (804) 343-2718 x1726
United Westlabs X   William Kinsey: Email
United West Lab - West Hills Hospital X X Hector Martinez: Email
Universal Diagnostic Lab X   Korush Jalai: Email
Valley Diagnostics Labs X   Naeem Qarni: Email / Phone: (559) 392-9859
Valley Radiologists X   Mel Wagner: Email / Phone: (480) 425-5048
Valley Radiology Consultants (VRC) X X Lab Representative: Phone: (760) 739-5400
VAP Diagnostics Laboratory X X Dan Chen: Email
VantagePoint Laboratory Partners X   Ryan Borck: Email / Phone: (619) 630-7382
Vital Imaging X X Saba Ejaz: Email
West Coast Pathology Labs X X Mary Beth Essa: Email / Phone: (415) 652-3060
West Orange Nephrology X   Terea Danner: Email / Phone: (407) 297-8408
West Pacific Medical Laboratory X X Ilene Jimenez: Email / Phone: (562) 906-5227
Whitefield Medical Lab X X Maxine Thorne: Email
X-Ray Associates of New Mexico X   Sue Jacobs: Email

Important Note: The practice is required to have completed the process of connecting to the preferred Lab(s) prior to any Lab Interface Training. The connection process can take approximately 2-6 weeks, depending on the Lab. Once the connection has been established, a Lab Interface Training can be scheduled by contacting our scheduling department at 360-975-7000 opt. 5. During this training, the staff member(s) will learn how to create/submit a lab order, view lab results and add manual lab results into the patients chart. This training can be customized to meet the needs of the practice and/or the capabilities of the individual Lab(s).

Office Ally also accepts requests to add new Labs not on the list. Please email us at, or call us at (360) 975-7000 with any questions, or to request a new lab interface.

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