We look after your cash flow.
So you can look after your patients.

Office Ally has teamed up with TSI (formerly Transworld Systems), an industry-leading cash flow solution provider, to provide healthcare organizations with better tools for accounts receivable, debt recovery, and past due accounts. As an Office Ally customer you now have access to an integrated, recently enhanced payment reminder/collections feature.

Office Ally is offering a great service to increase your accounts receivables collected.

More patients paying faster with less effort

Easy identification of past-due accounts and delinquent accounts

Improved patient response/communication

Consistent follow-up/collection program that puts you back in control

TSI and Office Ally provide an automated collections interface for medical practices that use Office Ally software. This interface allows for a more efficient collections process and in turn more money recovered. Users of Office Ally software will be able to view all of their collection activities administered directly through TSI.

This systematic approach to patient collections increases your receivables collected, while maintaining diplomacy. Plus, you only pay for this service when you use it. If you activate this feature now, there are no setup or subscription fees. On average between 40%-75% of delinquent accounts are recovered within the first 120 days!

TSI offers a more effective and efficient alternative for your collections. Practices can ensure all accounts are contacted appropriately based on the age of the account. This speeds up payments and lowers internal costs by increasing cash flow. Practices can identify, select and electronically transfer delinquent patient accounts to TSI for collection.

With patient responsibility balances becoming a bigger concern for healthcare practices, services such as 1st party reminder notices and 3rd party diplomatic demands offer clients a quick, easy and affordable way to manage their patient accounts and past due amounts, through a seamless interface in Office Ally's products and services.

If you are interested in finding out more about these unique integrated services, please click here.

"Office Ally's customer service, including tech support, is the
absolute BEST I have ever encountered. Ever."

- Edward Feldman, MD

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