Easily accept credit card payments directly through Office Ally!

Office Ally and AxiaMed have teamed up to provide you the best integrated credit card payment processing and reconciliation solution. You can now streamline your organization's workflow by using integrated payments with AxiaMed - a healthcare payment technology company.

Together, Office Ally and AxiaMed make processing patient responsibility simple. With integrated payments, your practice will get paid faster, reduce A/R days, and collect more revenue at the point of care. Transactions processed through AxiaMed are automatically posted to your patient account ledger in Practice Mate, eliminating double entries and helping to save your organization time and money.

Since AxiaMed is a seamlessly integrated solution, you can process payments within Office Ally's software interface, simplifying your patient payments.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Enable your office to set up recurring payment plans for patients, driving incremental sales
  • Allows patients to pay their bills online through their Patient Ally account
  • Accept EMV cards, ApplePay, AndroidPay, and SamsungPay
  • Payments post automatically to the ledger, eliminating manual errors
  • Process credit payments, refunds and voids directly from Office Ally
  • Increase your practice's incremental sales

Ready to update your credit card process? Sign up today by following the step-by-step instructions below.

1. Log into Service Center, Practice Mate, or EHR with your Security Administrator.

2. Click on the Manage Office tab.

3. Click on the Credit Card Settings on the right.

4. Click the Get Started Now or Begin Setup button.

Do you have a question that we could help with?

You can email us at OfficeAlly@AxiaMed.com or contact one of our
dedicated sales members at 855-376-2942 ext. 1

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