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Frequently Asked Questions For Providers

This page provides help with the most common questions providers have while using Office Ally Virtual Visits.

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Technical Video Questions

Q: What do I need to be able to attend a Virtual Visit with my patient?

  • You will need the following:
      1. Any device with video and microphone capability (smart phone, tablet, computer etc.).
      2. Reliable, hi-speed internet for the duration of the Virtual Visit.
      3. A browser that supports the Virtual Visit service (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari)
      4. Access to your Practice Mate or EHR 24/7 account for the duration of the Virtual Visit.
Q: How do I set up my microphone, camera, and speaker in the video appointment?

  • When you click on the link to start a Virtual Visit you will see a message from the video service requesting access to your camera and microphone. By clicking “Allow” the video service will access your device’s camera, microphone, and audio options for the video appointment.
Q: How do I know if participants can hear me?

  • You can click on the microphone icon before entering the video appointment or during to choose which microphone source you’d like to use on your device. The listed microphone options for your device will have a sound bar next to them that should fluctuate as you speak into your device. You can mute or un-mute yourself by clicking on the microphone icon at any time.
Q: What if I cannot hear other participants?

  • Before you join the Virtual Visit, you can test the audio from your device by clicking on the small arrow next to the microphone icon and selecting the “test” button over the available audio options for your device. If you cannot hear a participant you can also check your audio settings during the video appointment. Don’t forget to ask if the other participant if they muted their microphone.
Q: Will I be able to see who is participating in the Virtual Visit?

  • Yes, however participants can choose not to use their web cameras. You can choose to turn the camera off or on before joining the Virtual Visit or by clicking on the video recorder icon during the appointment. If a participant has their camera turned off you will still be able to see their name.
Q: What can I do if my video appointment is lagging or slow?

  • You can improve the speed and quality of your video appointment by going to settings and lowering your video resolution.
Q: How do I begin a Virtual Visit with a patient?

  • To start the video appointment, the provider will need to select the upcoming visit under the Virtual Visits tab and click the "Start Visit" button. the video room will launch. Once you’ve clicked on the link and a window for the Virtual Visit has opened, click the “join meeting” button to start the video appointment.
Q: Who can start the Virtual Visit appointment?

  • As the Provider, you are the meeting host and are responsible for starting the appointment. If a patient clicks the link to join the video before you start the appointment, they will be in a virtual waiting room.
Q: Can I have another person join my Virtual Visit?

  • No, only two people can join a video appointment.
Q: What should I do if I cannot join the Virtual Visit?

  • First check to confirm you are using a supported web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari), then check to confirm you are connected to reliable internet. If the issue persists, open a different Virtual Visit session.
Q: What should I do if I get disconnected from my Virtual Visit?

  • You can return to the Virtual Visit by clicking on the same link provided for the video appointment. This will open the same appointment video. As long as the patient is still running the video session, the visit will remain active. If the Virtual Visit is no longer active, contact the patient to have them join the session again.
Q: When the Virtual Visit is complete, how do I end the appointment?

  • You can end the Virtual Visit by clicking on the phone icon to “leave” the video room. This will safely and securely end the video.

General and Security Questions

Q: What is "Office Ally Virtual Visits"?

  • Office Ally Virtual Visits is a telehealth service that adds the ability for patients and providers to complete appointments via video chat.
Q: How much does OA Virtual Visits cost?

  • You only pay for the service if you use it. Pay $1 for each Virtual Visit with a max charge of $20 per user per month. No commitments and no charge if you decide not to use the service.
Q: Will the service be billed by provider or as a flat fee for the entire office?

  • The service is billed per provider, on a per-use basis, with a cap on fees.
Q: Can I still use AxiaMed to pay for Virtual Visits?

  • You can still use AxiaMed to collect patient's payments for appointments. You can use the card-not-present option for payments made with a physical terminal, use the new virtual terminal option, or have the patient pay via Patient Ally (this requires set up and configuration). You cannot use AxiaMed to pay Office Ally for the monthly charge of the Virtual Visits service.
Q: Are the video appointments secure and HIPAA compliant?

  • Our video appointments comply with HIPAA and HITRUST requirements, providing secure channels for handling protected health information. We have added measures such as authentication and all communication is securely encrypted.

How to Use Virtual Visits

Q: How will I use the new service? Will I need to download anything to use the Virtual Visits service?

  • Once you've enrolled in Virtual Visits, you will be able to use this service through Practice Mate or EHR 24/7.
Q: How do I access the Virtual Visits within Office Ally?

  • In both Practice Mate and EHR 24/7 you will see a new tab located below "Help Center" and "Request Samples." This tab will open up a video landing page where you will see your scheduled Virtual Visits for the day and be able to start the video appointments.
Q: How many people can be part of a virtual visit?

  • Virtual Visits allow connections between a single provider and patient. The group visits feature will be added in the future.
Q: How do I schedule a Virtual Visit?

  • Medical staff can schedule a Virtual Visit by logging into Practice Mate and clicking the "Add New Appointment" button from the Appointments section. From the appointment details page, once patient is selected, click on the Virtual Visits button. Click the "Update" button to confirm the appointment. The patient will receive an email with the Virtual Visit details. In the provider's calendar the appointment will display whether it is "In Office" or a "Virtual Visit".
Q: How do I cancel/reschedule virtual visit appointment?

  • To reschedule the Virtual Visit appointment the medical staff will need to contact the patient and follow the same steps to schedule a new Virtual Visit appointment. Once the appointment has been rescheduled you can cancel the old one.
Q: Can I type into a progress note while conducting a video appointment?

  • Yes, Virtual Visits integration was designed to work alongside any existing workflows. You will have the ability to create a progress note while conducting the appointment.
Q: Will a Virtual Visit session with a patient be saved to their patient records?

  • Yes, Virtual Visits are set up to operate exactly like a regular appointment, and they will be added to patient files and records in the same way. There is a new classification of appointment type, so appointments will be noted as a "Virtual Visit" or an "In Office" visits in the patient records.
Q: Will Virtual Visits do any auto-notation on a note?

  • This functionality will not be available for the Pilot Program, but is a feature enhancement that we may explore in the future.
Q: How will the patient get the invite to the Virtual Visit?

  • Patients will receive the invite to join by email. Before the invites are sent out, you will have a chance to confirm the patient's email address. Reminder services for Virtual Visits come at no additional charge.
Q: Will Virtual Visits have a reminder option for the appointment?

  • Yes. The morning of the Virtual Visit, medical staff will see an alert on the Virtual Visits tab in the Appointments section. Patients will receive an email the morning of the appointment with a link for the patient to join the Virtual Visit for its scheduled time.