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Virtual Visits

Simple, Safe Virtual Care Solution

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Virtual Visits simplifies Telehealth

Our telehealth product provides a simple, safe, and secure way to virtually meet with patients. Our integrated platform for video appointments will enable you to deliver care virtually. Contact us to sign up today.

  • Safe and secure platform that meets HIPAA requirements.
  • Virtual Visits is supported by most web browsers. No software or app download is needed.
  • Seamlessly integrates into Practice Mate and EHR 24/7 for uninterrupted workflow.
Medical Doctor Conducting Patient Telehealth Appointnment in Living Room

Virtual Visits - FAQs

What is "Office Ally Virtual Visits"?

Office Ally Virtual Visits is a telehealth service that adds the ability for patients and providers to complete appointments via video chat.

How do I use the new service? Do I need to download anything to use Virtual Visits?

Once you’ve enrolled in Virtual Visits, you are able to use this service through Practice Mate or EHR 24/7.
Office Ally recommends using Chrome as your browser for the best experience with Virtual Visits. Depending on what browser you currently use, you may want to download Chrome. Otherwise, no downloads are required.

What do I need to conduct a video appointment with my patient?

To conduct a video appointment with your patient, you will need the following:
  - A device with video and microphone capability (i.e., smart phone, tablet, laptop, computer, etc.)
  - Reliable, high-speed internet for the duration of the appointment.
  - A browser that supports our Virtual Visits service (i.e., Chrome, Safari, Edge, etc.)
  - Access to your Practice Mate or EHR 24/7 Account for the duration of the appointment.

    Who can use Virtual Visits?

    Currently, only providers can enroll. Later, we plan to expand access to include other medical personnel.

    Are video appointments secure and HIPAA compliant?

    Yes - Our video appointments comply with HIPAA and HITRUST requirements, and provide secure channels for handling protected health information. We also have added measures, such as authentication and securely encrypting all communication.

    OK, I'm interested - What can I expect for next steps?

    The next steps for sign up include, logging into your Practice Mate or EHR 24/7 Account and requesting the Virtual Visits service. The Admin User on your account is then asked to sign a Program Service Agreement. Once it is signed and returned to us, we enable the feature, provide you with a 10 minute demo, & supporting training documents.

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