Intake Pro

Office Ally’s new Intake Pro service will make your patient check-in process faster, easier, and more efficient than ever. Paper forms and clipboards are a thing of the past – your patients can now check in for appointments using an electronic device!  Enroll Today!

How Intake Pro Works

The Intake Pro service allows your patients to complete intake forms and even sign documents on an intake device. The information can then be automatically populated into your Practice Mate™ and EHR 24/7™ account; eliminating a considerable amount of work for your front desk staff. Patients can also complete their intake forms at home before their appointment through Patient Ally™.

  1. Patient checks in with Front Desk Staff and is given a Sync Code.
  2. Patient is given tablet or goes to kiosk/tablet setup and enters Sync Code and completes their forms.
  3. Information from the intake and agreement forms can be reviewed and automatically populated into the patient’s chart.

Office Ally offers silicone cases with all Configuration 1 (Tablet Only) requests.

Intake Pro Template Examples.

When you sign up for Intake Pro, we will create custom electronic documents based off your paper forms that your patients will be able to fill out electronically. Click on the button below to see any of the free available templates. All forms that have an asterisk (*) have multiple language options. Contact an Office Ally Technician to learn more. 

Q: How much does it cost to use Office Ally’s Intake Pro service?

  • Intake Pro is a service that allows patients to complete Electronic Intake/Agreement forms using a tablet/kiosk*. In order to utilize this service you must qualify. There is a small startup fee, but the service is free as long as the terms and conditions in the user agreement are met.
Q: How much is the startup fee for Intake Pro?

  • Each device costs $1.00 for users who meet all requirements of the service as outlined in the Electronic Agreement form.
Q: How does the user access the Intake Pro Agreement Form?

  • Users who are qualified for Intake Pro will receive a desktop message with a link to the Electronic Agreement form under the Admin account.
Q: What qualifying metrics do users need to maintain in order to keep the monthly service free?

  • Users are required to check in ALL patients using Intake Pro, therefore, for every patient appointment there should be a check in, unless the patient has been seen recently (within the last 30 days). See the enrollment agreement for all additional requirements which must be met to keep Intake Pro Service free.
Q: Does Office Ally’s Intake Pro service’s coupon program comply with the federal Anti-Kickback Statute?

  • The federal Anti-Kickback Statute generally prohibits providing remuneration in exchange for the purchase of goods or services that will be reimbursed by federal health insurance programs. Intake Pro’s coupons are not intended to be applied to drugs that are reimbursed under federal health insurance programs. To participate in the coupon program, the customer agrees that the coupons cannot be applied to reduce the patient’s deductible or copayment obligations under any type of health insurance coverage, including but not limited to any federal health insurance program (e.g., Medicare, Medicaid). This restriction is intended to help ensure compliance with the Anti-Kickback Statute.
Q: Is there a case for the tablet?

  • Office Ally currently has cases on order from the manufacturer of the tablet (cases will be made of a silicone-type material). More details to come in regards to availability.
Q: Does the tablet have multiple USB ports?

  • No, however, Office Ally will include a USB Hub that allows for multiple USB devices when Configuration # 3 (Tablet with Stand, Keyboard and Mouse) is chosen.
Q: What happens if the device is lost, stolen, or broken? Will Office Ally replace it?

  • Office Ally will handle replacements on a case-by-case basis, but under normal circumstances, it will cost $100.00 for a replacement tablet.

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