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Updox supports a leading connectivity platform for secure Direct Messaging. We have the largest network of providers connected to our network and we support more than 70 EHR partners and HIEs. Updox Direct Messaging is trusted by over 250,000 practices

  • Updox Direct Messaging is trusted by over 250,000 practices
  • Fully HISP Certified Direct solution to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of electronic health information exchanges.
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Updox Secure Messaging - FAQs

Who is Updox?

Updox, the Leading Physician Connectivity Platform, supports the largest network for Direct secure emails with access to more than 250,000 providers. More than 70 EHR partners and HIEs for both ambulatory and acute care platforms selected Updox as their Direct provider.

Why did Office Ally move towards Direct with Updox?

Updox is a certified HISP (Health Information Systems Program) that specializes in the transfer of secure direct messaging. This allows Office Ally to be part of a direct trust that enables Office Ally users to be in contact with more providers within Updox’ public network. Also for Stage 2 Meaningful Use, health record vendors are required to certify and implement a direct service.

Why is Direct important and how does it benefit me?

Direct is a technical standard for exchanging health information between health care entities (e.g. primary care physicians, specialist, hospitals, and clinical labs) in a trusted network. In addition to meeting the requirements for Meaningful Use, Direct secure messaging can now be used to share information with any provider of care that has been approved to have a Direct address. This can include C-CDAs, progress notes, lab results, X-rays, MRI Images, and any other documents or messages.

Is there a cost with the new Direct Service?

Yes, now that Office Ally has implemented with Updox for the Direct Service, there is a service charge of $6 a month per direct user. This is due to the cost of supporting this service and to be part of the Direct Trust platform.

What’s involved in the setup process?

At least one representative must go through an identity proofing process to validate the authenticity of the company’s direct users. Each Direct user will then define their new address with the company and sign up for the monthly service agreement.

How can I cancel and when?

The activation and cancellation process is all handled through the Office Ally EHR 24/7 application. Users will need access to Manage Office > User Preferences > Direct Service tab to start and cancel the service at any time.

Who can get a direct message address?

Anyone in the company can obtain a direct address, but it is recommended that Direct is setup for providers and staff that are responsible for the sending and receiving of secure messages that may include PHI material.

Do I get to keep my current Direct Address that I originally had?

No, you will no longer be able to keep your existing Direct Address as your address will be custom to your practice, with its own defined subdomain. Example: [defined name]@[sub-domain]

Do new messages that get sent to my old direct address get forwarded?

No, your old direct address will be disabled.

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