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Practice Mate: Secure, Simple, And No-Cost Practice Management Software*

A medical office can be a stressful place without the right tools. Practice Mate, by Office Ally, is a medical practice management system that can be scaled for various types of healthcare providers. How can Practice Mate help you? Medical practice management software helps you schedule patients, confirm insurance, manage accounts, and maintain complete visibility into your revenue cycle. With this solution, Office Ally is your healthcare ally every step of the way.

Key Features of Practice Mate

Practice Mate has all the features you need to simplify your practice’s needs.

What is Practice Mate?

Simple Appointment Booking

Your booking process is integral to the success of your business. Practice Mate’s medical scheduling software helps you easily schedule patients, confirm insurance and manage appointments.

Digital practice solutions

If you’ve ever lost important paperwork, you already know the importance of digitizing your documents. Our digital practice solutions keep everything organized online. This way, you can find what you need when you need it, 100%of the time.

No-Cost Practice Management software*

Our cost-effective solutions are used by more than 25,000 healthcare organizations nationwide. They’ve streamlined their processes, now you can do the same!

Improve Practice Efficiency

Practice mate help you maximize your practice's efficiency. With built-in scheduling tools and the ability to add patient reminders and a patient intake tool*, Practice Mate can easily help you accomplish your daily practice tasks.

Young Medical Practice Nurse Uses Office Ally on Company Computer
Doctor Works on Computer in Medical Practice Office

Simplify Eligibility And Revenue Management

Running a practice is all about saving time while maintaining accuracy. Practice Mate helps you reduce claim denials with real-time verification of insurance eligibility*. With efficient billing tools you can improve your cash flow and simplify the revenue cycle management process, making the entire process a breeze.

Secure And HIPAA-Compliant Patient Record Keeping

HIPAA requirements ensure that patient information remains safe and confidential. Practice Mate's patient record-keeping solution ensures that your practice always complies with HIPAA regulations. Patient information is stored and can easily be shared within the practice while staying secure from outside eyes.

Medical Practice Employee Uses Computer for Claim Submission
Medical Practice Professional Uses Tablet

Improved Patient Engagement And Satisfaction

Patients put a lot of trust in their medical providers. Therefore, patient satisfaction is of the utmost importance. With the ability to integrate with patient reminder and patient portal tools*, Practice Mate helps you put an emphasis on patient care and increased patient satisfaction.

Seamless Integration with Other Office Ally Solutions

Office Ally has a wide variety of offerings for your practice. These are most efficient when they are working together. That's why Practice Mate seamlessly integrates with other Office Ally solutions such as EHR 24/7, Patient Ally and others*. This ensures that your practice is always operating efficiently without the need to tediously transfer information between systems.

Female Medical Practice Employee Working at Computer in Medical Office

*While Practice Mate is a no-cost practice management software, some add-on products and features have a cost associated with them.
Review  Office Ally data sheets and user agreements for more details.

How Practice Mate Works

See What Our Customers Are Saying

"I depend on Practice Mate and talk with new clinicians starting their own private practices about using it. It is easy to use and dependable. I like that I can call or email customer support and they get back to me."

Office ally is great because ... their customer service is excellent, as well as their tutorial videos and they offer training one on one.

Practice Mate-Great for the smaller clinic. I love this program. Easy to learn and use. Multiple people can use it at once [and it’s] Web based.

Modernize and optimize your practice

With no cost, commitment, or implementation, get started today to help reduce unnecessary administrative tasks, enhance job satisfaction for providers and improve the overall patient experience.

Practice Mate is a Best-in-class Leader

Trusted and Compliant Solutions:

Enhance Practice Mate's Capabilities
with the following add-ons:

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Patient Reminders

Reminder Mate sends reminders to patients so they can easily confirm, cancel, and reschedule appointments. Preventing no-shows and last minute cancellations.

About Reminder Mate
Medical Practice Employee Uses Office Ally on Laptop in the Office

Patient Intake

Our patient intake and self check-in solution, Intake Pro, allows patients to complete intake forms and sign documents from a tablet.

About Intake Pro
Medical Practice Employee Uses Office Ally on Laptop in the Office

Electronic Prescribing

OA-Rx is a fully integrated, and award winning solution, certified to support prescribing of controlled substances, renewals, change requests, prior authorization, and much more!

About OA Rx
Medical Practice Employee Uses Office Ally on Laptop in the Office


Automatically process, print, and mail Statements to the correct addresses quickly and easily.

About Statements