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Office Ally Customer Stories

Over 77,000 healthcare organizations trust Office Ally to provide high-value software solutions that are reliable, affordable and easy-to-use. Read some of their stories and discover how we can become your healthcare ally too.

Customer story

Antelope Valley Medical Center

Office Ally ensures maximized Medicare underpayment recoveries and gives Antelope Valley Medical Center peace of mind that nothing is slipping through the cracks.

Customer story

Bonnie Berger

The Single Solution for a Single-Provider Practice Easy-to-use Office Ally healthcare software is the right choice for a solo practitioner.

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Customer story

John Scibal

Optimizing Optometry with Simple Software Solutions. Dr. John Scibal uses Office Ally to help him accomplish his goals (both for his practice and work-life balance).

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Office Ally offers affordable software solutions to
help you reach maximum success.

See why healthcare providers love Office Ally

“Small business is the backbone of the United States. Healthcare providers are very fortunate to have a system that is as robust as the hospital and the big major clinics without the big price tag.”

Marie M.


"In OA I have complete control over my clients, I can go in, I can change modifiers, I can fix whatever I want. I can set up Superbills the way I need them to…Its got a lot of customization that I can go in and just create things. I can make it do almost everything I want it to do."

Vicky M.

CPC, Masterton Billing

"Excellent comprehensive services, it makes private practice much easier with scheduling and EHR very practical. I wish access patient portal services were also in Spanish or multilingual and easier for adults with limited computer skills!"

Rodrigo M.

"I'm satisfied. I truly have zero issues with the the software works and the customer service has always treated me exceptionally well. I use this service to seamlessly enter in all my medical claims. I have been using the service for over 10 years and it is the best."

A Service Center User


"This is the most reasonably priced and helpful Clearinghouse out there and by far the popular for that reason! They have tech support you can make an appointment with to learn it or give them a call and save your place and they will call you back."

Claire M.

"Amazing Product, Super Easy to use and navigate. It is so easy to navigate and find claims and batches, to upload and download claims and fix claims."

Cara B.

Office Manager

"Integral to our operations. The product is integrated with our systems and increases our efficiency by minimizing the need to go to external sources, allowing our team to focus on their tasks. Easy to use."

Crissy T.

Practice Manager

"Service Center is awesome! It is incredibly easy to use, helpful, saves a lot of time, completely worth it."

Barbara S.


"Excellent Clearinghouse. Claims status are received in a very timely manner. Nothing [negative], as everything has been working efficiently. Payor verification is helpful. EDI and claims submission is swift. Paper mail costs was eliminated."

Frederick H.

Billing and Audit Manager

"Service Center is well worth it!!! It's very user friendly. I find it helpful and appreciate it's easy access and prompt responses. There is nothing negative ,I can say about my experience with the service."

David M.

Clinical Social Worker

"I depend on Practice Mate and talk with new clinicians starting their own private practices about using it. It is easy to use and dependable. I like that I can call or email customer support and they get back to me."

Julie S.


"Highly recommend. Have used over 10 years. Seamless use between [EHR 24/7] and Practice Mate. Easy to use."

Jennifer D.


"Love this EHR. Cost effective product that gives me everything I need in an intuitive format. I started using EHR in my private practice and am so happy with it that I convinced my new employer to initiate it here."

Dawn T.

Psychiatric nurse practitioner

"Best practice management software use. Ease of use. Serves the purpose for my practice. Been using this software since office opened 23 years ago."

Dharmesh P.

Physical therapist

"Very useful, incredible support. Once it is set up, very easy and simple to use. I primarily create claims and manage billing with Practice Mate."

Stephen A.

Manager/Counselor Mental Health Care

"Important tool for my practice. The ease of use with calendar and billing."

Kristy K.


"Look no further for practice management software! Very customizable and minimal clutter/non essential functionality. It has been great! I have used it for 1.5 years with zero problems or outages. Very reliable and customizable."

Timothy F.


Easy to onboard and set up. The functionality allows you to port over your existing clients for quick chart setup. Amazing! It has literally saved my practice!

Danielle S.

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

How I love my Office Ally! The customability for all fields. The ability to just click on a sentence i use so often is great. I think its great. I know it so well I feel as if I could be one of your techs.

Michelle R.

Office Manager

Easy to use, for professional users. Directions simple for non-computer users.

Richard T.

Mental Health Counselor

Easy to use and great customer service and technical support very helpful. Great program and great tech support.

Evelyn L.

Medical Billing |

Customer service is exceptional at trouble shooting claims that fail to process for remittance. Professionalism, knowledge and competence of office ally staff. Excellent. No complaints. Highly recommend.

Carrie M.

Carrie M., Clinical Psychologist |

Great practice management. Ease of use and great at letting track of visits and payments. Is been great for all medical billing and makes repeat visits easy to manage.

Melissa E.

Licensed Massage Therapist

We have been using office ally as a PMP and a clearing house for over 8 years. It is a great program and you cannot beat the price.


Originally posted on

Great for submitting claims and excellent customer service. Cost effective, easy to use, good customer service



My experience with EHR/ 24/7 has been very good...Thumbs up Office Ally you have made this program very easy to set-up, use and personalize.

Susanne N.

Medial Billing Specialist

EHR 24/7 makes easy to connect with patient from any location. It also make it easy to cater for large number of patients. Assist in controlling patients under clinical medication..

Lucy N.

Originally posted on

Office ally is great because ... their customer service is excellent, as well as their tutorial videos and they offer training one on one.

Fazal A.

Office Manager, Health wellness and fitness

Office Ally is the best! I've been using Office Ally for many years and it helps keep my practice organized and on-track. I find it easy to use.

Karin N.

Licensed Acupunturist

Practice Mate-Great for the smaller clinic. I love this program. Easy to learn and use. Multiple people can use it at once [and it’s] Web based.

Cathy C.

Owner, Accounting

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