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Credit Card & Electronic Check (ACH) Processing

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Key Features and Benefits

  • No Application Fee
  • No set up fee
  • No annual fee
  • Eliminate the need for a separate credit card terminal and dedicated phone line, freeing up valuable desk space and saving you money
  • Accept credit cards and check cards via the Office Ally virtual terminal
  • Supports direct debit from patient’s checking or savings account and converts paper checks to electronic funds transfers
  • For Practice Mate users receive automatic posting of payments into your accounts and 24/7 tracking ability via the Office Ally Web site.
  • Easily access credit card services without disruptions to ongoing business or change in banking relationship

Office Ally offers Credit Card and electronic check (ACH) processing – available at a special, low cost, group rate for all Office Ally clients. Best of all, the services are already integrated into Office Ally’s applications, so set-up and implementation is quick and seamless. For Practice Mate users, receive automatic posting of payments directly into your patient accounts.


  • Sales/New Enrollments (enrollment questions)
  • Customer Service (N/A for Chase users)
  • Customer Service (Chase users)
  • 877.696.6426   (Available M-F 8am-7pm & Sat.10am-2pm CST)
  • 800.859.5965
  • 888.886.8869

Reminder Mate is a fully-automated appointment reminder service that integrates with the Appointment Calendar in Practice Mate™ and EHR 24/7™. Click Here to learn more!

To Enroll log into Practice Mate or EHR 24/7, go to the Appointments Tab and click on the Reminder Mate icon.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Phone call, text message (SMS), and email reminder content is customizable.
  • Patient responses (confirm, cancel, and reschedule appointments).
  • Save countless hours and dollars spent reaching out to patients.
  • Send multiple reminders at various intervals defined by you.
  • Set patient-specific reminder options.

Fee Structure

Number of Reminders / Responses per month (Cost)

  • 1-500 ($29.95 a month)
  • 501-1000 ($49.95 a month)
  • 1001-1500 ($69.95 a month)
  • 1501-2000 ($89.95 a month)
    Additional reminders may be purchased in “500 reminder” increments at $20.00 a month per increment. (i.e. 2,001-2,500 = $89.95 + $20.00)

"We look after your cash flow. So you can look after your patients."

Office Ally has teamed up with TSI (formerly Transworld Systems), an industry-leading cash flow solution provider, to provide healthcare organizations with better tools for accounts receivable, debt recovery, and past due accounts.

With patient responsibility balances becoming a bigger concern for healthcare practices, services such as 1st party reminder notices and 3rd party diplomatic demands offer clients a quick, easy and affordable way to manage their patient accounts and past due amounts, through a seamless interface in Office Ally. If you are interested in find out more about these unique integrated services, please click here.

Office Ally also has FREE Training webinars on how TSI can help your business. Click to video to learn more!

Real Time Eligibility/Real Time Claim Status

View our Payer List to see which payers we support RTE/RTS with.

Which Real Time Eligibility or Claim Status Checking Service is best for you?

The documents below outline your options (including the cost, method, and capabilities) associated with each.

Service Center Eligibility Request Tool

Service Center Claim Status Request Tool

Practice Mate Eligibility Verification Service

Real Time 270/271 and 276/277 Transactions (CORE Phase II Compliant)

Office Ally offers Real Time Eligibility and Claim Status transactions through a SOAP and HTTPS system, in compliance with all CAQH CORE Operating Rules.

User Agreements:

Companion Guides:

Connectivity Rules:

Statement Auto-Printing and Mailing 

Office Ally has partnered with The PLD Group to offer Statement Auto-Printing and Mailing services. One of the most important tasks in your organization is to ensure statements are processed, printed, and mailed in a timely manner. We know that spending countless hours processing billing statements keeps you and your staff from focusing on the most important element of your business: taking excellent care of your patients. 


Key Features and Benefits:

  • No Set Up Fee! No Minimum Quantity! Ever!
  • Save money from the start with our services.
  • Statements are address-cleansedac, ensuring your patient statements are delivered correctly and in a timely manner.
  • Improves your incoming cash flow.
  • Statements are printed and mailed within 12 hours - compared to the 24-48 hours it takes for other services to do the same!  Allows your team to spend time on more important tasks.
  • Exclusive SmartPortal services for Office Ally customers which are normally reserved for enterprise companies. 
  • Saves valuable office resources compared to printing and mailing statements in-house.

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