OA-Rx for Electronic Prescribing

Try our award winning e-Prescribing solution!

OA-Rx is Office Ally's free, web based, fully integrated, and award winning e-prescribing solution. Our solution is certified to support prescribing of controlled substances, renewals, change requests, prior authorization, and much more! Contact us today to learn how to get started.

Winner: RxChange Champion, Surescript White Coat Award

OA-Rx allows Providers to:

Create, electronically transmit, or print prescriptions

Reply to renewal requests

View formulary alternatives

Identify drug and allergy interactions

View patient eligibility for prescription benefits

Call: 360-975-7008 or Email: OARx@OfficeAlly.com to get started today!

What about Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS)?

An added feature of the OA-Rx module is the prescriber’s ability to send prescriptions for scheduled medications electronically to pharmacies in a certified, safe and secure manner. Click here to view Office Ally's EPCS Certification Letter.

Streamlining the delivery method of these sensitive prescriptions will:

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Increase patient satisfaction

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Improve prescriber workflows

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Combat fraud and abuse

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