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Are you looking to uncover additional revenue potential with self-pay or uncompensated care lists? We can help with that. One of our specialists will contact you, discuss your specific needs, and help you identify additional reimbursement opportunities for your organization. Plus, with our free assessment we can demonstrate, with your data, how we can help you quickly see an improvement in your bottom line.

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Whether you are looking for an insurance discovery tool or you already have a solution, we offer a free assessment using your data.

Maximize reimbursement

Reduce write offs and increase reimbursement by finding active billable insurance for patients with missing or incorrect insurance coverage.

No implementation required for Insurance Discovery

Get started in minutes. We work with standard file extracts and require no technical resources from your organization.

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You have nothing to lose with our free assessment. The sample report represents results from an actual customer who used our solution to help capture additional revenue for their organization.

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