Patient Ally FAQ

Enrollment Process

Why should I register for a Patient Ally account?

By registering with Patient Ally, you will have a free web portal used for managing all your personal health information. This portal provides communication services for scheduling appointments, messaging your doctor’s office and gives you the ability to make and track payments to them.

How do I enroll with Patient Ally?

You can enroll with Patient Ally with our self-service registration.

What will I need to sign up?

A valid email where you would like Patient Ally notifications sent and a valid phone number.

What do I do if I am having issues creating my account?

For technical support regarding the Patient Ally website and other non-health related inquiries, please contact us at or 888-PHR-4ALL.

Can I use the same email address for more than just my account?

Yes, email addresses can be associated with more than one Patient Ally account. For management of multiple accounts, see: Shared Accounts.

After Enrollment

Where do I go to change my password, email address or phone number?

If you wish to change your password, email address connected to the account, or phone number connected to the account you can select the "Security" link under "Settings" from the site navigation menu.

What if I forget my username?

From Patient Ally's login page select the option for "Recover Username". Simply enter your first and last name, date of birth and an email to receive an email with your account username.

What if I forget my password?

From Patient Ally's login page select the option for "Reset Password". Simply enter your account user-name and select how you wish to receive the the verification code to enter a new password.

How do I add a provider to my Patient Ally account?

To add a provider to your Patient Ally account, your provider must invite you as a connection using Office Ally’s EHR 24/7 or Practice Mate application.

Technical Questions

How is the information in my Patient Ally account kept secure?

We take great care to ensure your health information is kept private and secure. Access to information is controlled through secure activation codes, personal usernames, and passwords. Each person controls their password, without that password the account cannot be accessed.

Who is able to view my health information?

Your Patient Ally account information can be viewed by your medical providers. If you have a shared account, the creator of that shared account can also view it. For more information refer to the Shared Accounts section of this page.

What is your privacy policy?

Our privacy policy can be accessed here:

Can I deactivate my Patient Ally account?

Yes, to deactivate your Patient Ally account, click on the Deactivate Account under "Settings" on the navigation menu. From here you can deactivate your account. Note that if you deactivate your patient portal account, it cannot be undone.

Which browsers does Patient Ally support?

For desktop: Chrome 89-90, Edge 89-90, Firefox 87-88, Safari 14-14.1. For mobile: Chrome for Android 90, Safari on iOS 14.0-14.5. The site may function on additional browsers, but only the listed browsers are actively supported for Patient Ally. If the site is not working for you, and you believe that you are using a supported browser, please contact technical support.

What should I do if my activation code doesn’t work?

For your security, your activation code expires after 90 days and is no longer valid after the first time you use it.

If by doctor invitation: If your activation code is expired you will need to contact the medical provider who sent the initial invitation and request a new invitation be sent.

If by open enrollment: If you still have problems, please contact our tech support at: or 888-PHR-4ALL.

Contact Questions

How can I contact my health provider through my Patient Ally account?

If you are experiencing a medical emergency please call 911, for other non-emergency reasons, you can access your doctor's contact information from the "Address Book" button found on Patient Ally's navigation bar. You may also send a message to your doctor using the "Messaging" section of Patient Ally. These options are only available with doctors who are already linked to your account. Please note that some medical offices may not be using patient messaging through the Patient Ally application and you will need to contact your provider's office directly.

How do I contact technical support about my Patient Ally account?

For technical support regarding the Patient Ally website and other non-health related inquiries; please contact us at or 888-PHR-4ALL.

General Information

What information is available on Patient Ally?

Patient Ally allows you to access lab results, intake documents from your medical providers, doctor appointments, and medical bills. You may also view medical information from any shared accounts of family members you have linked to your account.

How much does it cost to have a Patient Ally account?

No, Patient Ally is a free service offered to our patients, there is no cost.

Why does my provider show up in the Message section but not the Appointments section?

If you do not see your provider listed within a certain feature, that means the provider has chosen not to utilize/participate in this feature. In this situation you will need to contact your provider's office directly to schedule appointments.

If some of my health information on Patient Ally is incorrect, what should I do?

Your health information comes directly from your medical provider's records. Ask your doctor to correct any inaccurate information at your next clinical visit.

How much does it cost to have a Patient Ally account?

No, due to the sensitive nature of medical information, each adult must establish their own Patient Ally account. You can create a shared account for family members in your care (e.g. children, elderly family members needing assistance) that you can access from your account.

Where can I update my personal information (e.g. home address, marital status, or last name)?

You can make changes to your address, marital status, and last name from the "Profile" section which you can access from "Settings" in Patient Ally's navigation menu.

How will I receive notifications when I have new messages, lab results, or appointment reminders from Patient Ally?

Notifications are sent to the email address linked to your Patient Ally account.


What are Announcements?

Announcements are temporary website banners displayed on the home page regarding changes to the Patient Ally website (e.g. regular maintenance, new feature/tool available, etc.).

How do I remove or close an Announcement?

Clicking the X button at the top right corner of the announcement, will remove the banner. Only relevant announcements will be displayed in Patient Ally and will automatically close after they expire.


How do I send a message to my physician or nurse?

You can send a message by selecting a provider from the "Provider" list. This will show any previous conversations you've had with your providers and allows you to "start a new conversation" by clicking on the green button. You can then enter a subject of conversation in the subject field, type a message in the box below subject. Attachments may also be added by clicking on the "Attachments" button and selecting a file. Once your message is complete click "send message" which will deliver the message immediately to your doctor or one of your shared account users.

If I send a message to my medical provider, when can I expect a response?

You should generally receive an answer within 1-3 business days. Please note that Patient Ally should not be used for urgent situations. Please contact your medical center directly if the situation is time sensitive or dial 911 if it is an emergency.

Can I ask questions regarding a family member from my Patient Ally account?

Questions should only be sent from the Patient Ally account of the patient they are regarding. Communicating about another patient from your Patient Ally account would cause that information to appear in the wrong health record and could potentially jeopardize medical care for you or the other individual.


How do I schedule an appointment with my provider through Patient Ally?

You can access "Appointments" from the navigation bar which will display a calendar and a button titled "Request Appointment". If you click on this button a list of your medical providers will open. Select which provider you wish to schedule an appointment with. A calendar with available time slots highlighted in blue will display. By selecting one of these time slots, a pop-up window will open displaying the time. If this is the correct selection you can click on the "request slot" button. Your screen will refresh listing your appointment request with the provider, location, date, and time. You may also add a short message in the "Additional Messages" box describing why you're requesting an appointment. Once this is completed select the green "Submit" button. Your provider will receive the request and your calendar will show your "pending appointment" highlighted in orange. You will receive a confirmation or cancellation email when your provider approves or rejects your request.

Where can I view my appointments?

From the "Appointments" page on Patient Ally you can view future appointments on the schedule list display. By clicking on the dates displayed on the chart you can view an appointment's details with the option to load the appointment to your personal calendar or look up directions to the office of the provider

How do I cancel an appointment?

When you click on an appointment from the appointments list, a window will pop up with appointment details. To cancel the appointment, click the "cancel appointment" button. This will refresh your schedule list showing the appointment as cancelled. Patient Ally will send the cancellation request to your doctor.

How do I reschedule an appointment?

To reschedule an appointment, repeat the process that you did to make the original appointment. Select a different time and or date that works for you and is available on your doctor's calendar. Once you've made the new request you can click on the old appointment and select the "cancel appointment" button to cancel the old appointment.


What is an intake document?

An intake document is a form requesting additional information for your medical records that you would normally fill out upon arriving at your provider's office. However, you can now receive and fill these documents out through your Patient Ally account and submit them to your provider before setting foot in their office.

Where can I find intake forms sent by my provider?

All intake forms sent by providers are stored in the Documents page which can be accessed from the navigation menu on the Patient Ally Website. You can view recently filled out intake forms from the main Documents page. To view New Intake Forms, select the white button titled MY INTAKE FORMS. The page will load showing all intake forms with check boxes indicating which intake documents still need to be filled out and which ones have been completed. You may also view completed intake forms.

How do I fill out an intake form sent from my provider?

On the intake documents page, select the form that has an empty check box under the "Fill Out" list. You will be directed to the Intake Pro website where you can fill out the document. When you are done you will click the "submit" button at the bottom of the Intake Pro document. The Intake Pro website will load a confirmation screen confirming your submission. You will then be redirected to the Patient Ally Intake Documents page where the form you filled out will have a checked box icon in the "Fill Out" list. This indicates that the form has been sent to your provider.

My Health

What is a clinical summary?

A clinical summary is the document that is created after a clinical visit with a provider. These documents are created to record your medical history of treatment, medications, allergies, vital signs and lab results with that provider.

How can I view my clinical summaries/lab results?

You can view recent doctor visits, clinical summaries, and test results in the "Records" section of Patient Ally, which you can access in the navigation menu. The Records page will display clinical summaries from newest to oldest but you can search by Provider or by date to view records from specific clinical summaries.

How can I send my clinical summary to another medical provider?

You can send medical information to a provider using the "Documents" section of Patient Ally. Please see the Documents section below for more details.

When can I see my lab results in Patient Ally?

Your lab results are released to your Patient Ally account after your provider has reviewed them. This is generally within 1-12 days, upon which, you will receive an email notification of your new lab results. You can also contact your provider if lab results are time sensitive.

Bill Pay

Where can I view my medical bills and past payments?

From the Patient Ally navigation menu you can click on the "Bill Pay" button to view outstanding balances. You can also select a provider to see more details about outstanding bills from them as well as past payments.

How can I pay my medical bill?

By selecting a specific provider you can select the round green button with the credit card icon . Confirm your billing information and whether you wish to make a partial payment or full payment. Click "Next"then fill out your payment card information and click "Process Payment". Your screen will refresh confirming your payment and your bill information will update showing your current balance.

Can I set up a payment plan to pay off my medical expenses?

Patient Ally only allows partial payment and full payment options at this time.

Address Book

Where can I find/add contact information for my medical providers?

All contact information for medical providers, medical insurance, and emergency contacts can be found in the "Address Book" located on the Patient Ally navigation menu.

Where can I find/add contact information for my medical insurance?

On the "Address Book" page of Patient Ally you can select "Insurance" to view your list of insurance companies and their contact information. By selecting the green plus sign icon, you can add an insurance provider and their contact information. To alter information of a contact click on the green pencil and paper icon to fill out the form. Click on the "Save" button to complete the changes to that contact.

Where can I find/update my emergency contact list?

On the "Address Book" page of Patient Ally you can select "Emergency Contact" to view your list of contacts and their information. By selecting the green plus sign icon you can add a contact.

How do I delete a contact from my Address Book?

To delete an Insurance company or Emergency contact from you Address Book you will select the desired section, then click on the specific contact which will give you the option to alter or delete that contact. By clicking on the trash can icon, that contact will be deleted.

Vital Signs

Where can I track my weight and blood pressure results from my medical visits?

The "Vital Signs" section of Patient Ally displays graphs that show your vitals from doctor visits. You can view height, weight, BMI, and Blood Pressure results. By clicking on the graph points a window will pop up displaying the date the information was recorded and what the data recorded was.


What promotions are available through Patient Ally?

Patient Ally's parent provider Office Ally offers valuable coupons, vouchers, and health alerts that relate to your personal medical information. These may vary from provider to provider.

How do I turn on promotions through Patient Ally?

If you select the "Promotions" under "Settings" from Patient Ally's navigation menu, you will be directed to the "Promotional Agreement" document which requires a digital signature. You will also need to select how you would like to receive promotions form Office Ally (print out or text message).

How do I stop receiving promotions through Patient Ally?

If you do not wish to receive promotional coupons, vouchers, or health alerts from Office Ally through your Patient Ally account you can select the red "Opt Out" button at the bottom left of the form to cancel the agreement. You can choose to cancel your agreement at any time.

Shared Accounts

Can I make a Patient Ally account for my child or another family member in my care?

Yes, by going to the "Share" section of Patient Ally under "Settings" you can select the green plus sign icon to add a shared account. You will need to enter the account owner's full name, phone number, and a valid email to receive Patient Ally notifications. You can then specify access level or which sections the user of the shared account can view or alter. It is also required to specify the duration of the shared account. To activate the account you will need to enter your account password and enter the activation code Patient Ally will send to the shared user's email.

Can I block other people/family members from viewing medical information on my Patient Ally account?

If you wish to prevent access of a shared account you can select the family member's account in the "Share" section of Patient Ally and click on the red text "Revoke Access". This will cancel the connection between your account and the shared user, preventing them access to your account.

User Feedback

Where can I make requests or suggestions for functions I'd like to see added to Patient Ally?

You can submit any suggestions to improve how the Patient Ally website functions for you by selecting the "User Feedback" button in the navigation menu.

How do I fill out the User Feedback form?

There is a drop down menu that you can make a selection from to identify which area of the Patient Ally website you're comment will be about. The comment box is where you can describe your request for improvement or change you'd like made to that section of Patient Ally. Please DO NOT include personal information regarding your health or identity.

Who can view my user feedback?

Your feedback is anonymous and cannot be tracked back to your account. The Feedback page provides Patient Ally staff that maintain and improve the site, guidance on how to improve your experience in using our products (

Can I submit a complaint about Patient Ally malfunctions through User Feedback?

To guarantee your complaint is received and fixed in a timely manor, we ask that you contact our tech support at: or 888-PHR-4ALL.


Where can I view and manage my account settings like security, profile information, and share access?

You can update your account information and access preferences in the "Settings" section found in the navigation menu. Settings houses features like Sharing and Promotions, but also contains access to the Profile and Security pages.


Where can I view my account information?

Patient Ally stores all account information in either the Profile or the Security section of Patient Ally which can be found under "Settings" in the navigation menu.

Where can I go to update my name or address for my Patient Ally account?

You can update your personal information like address or last name by going to the Profile section found in "Settings". When you have updated your personal information you will have to save the changes in order for the content to be updated on your account.

What is the purpose of having multiple addresses on my profile?

The ability to add multiple addresses can be helpful when utilizing the Claims History (coming soon) feature to search for, collect, and store your past medical records, creating a more complete medical history resource.

How do I add an address to my profile?

To add an additional address you will need to go to your Profile page under Settings in the navigation menu. Once there you can fill out the form for "Add Additional Address" and then click the green button titled "Add Address".

How do I set a default address to auto-fill forms in Patient Ally?

If you have more than one address, you can designate your current one as the default so that it will be used automatically when filling out forms. To set an address as default, click on the green “Make Default” button below the address.

How do I remove an address from my profile?

To remove an additional address you will need to go to your Profile page under Settings in the navigation menu. Once there you can click on the "Delete" button under the address you wish to remove. Please note that you are required to have a minimum of one address listed in your Profile.


Where can I go to change the phone number or email linked to my Patient Ally account?

You can view and update your phone number, email, and account password by going to the Security section which can be found under "Settings".

How do I change my password?

Under Security, click the "edit" button next to your password. You will then have to enter the current password, the new password, and confirm the new password before you can submit the change.

How do I change the phone number linked to my account?

You can click on the "edit" button next to the phone number listed in the Security section. You will need to enter the new phone number and agree to receiving a text message in order to apply the one-time security code. You will then need to enter the one-time security code to verify that you want to link the new phone number to your Patient Ally account.

How do I change the email address that is linked to my account?

In the Security section, click on the "edit" button next to the email address. You will be asked to enter the new email address in order to receive a one-time security code. Once you've received the one-time security code in your new email, enter that code back into Patient Ally and click the "verify" button. This will update the email linked to your account.

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