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Maximize Revenue with MAPS

Convert Your Self-Pay Population into Revenue-Generating Patients

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MAPS Self-Pay Management Platform

Developing, implementing and managing your growing self-pay patient population is a daunting task for any financial services team. MAPS allows hospitals to manage self-pay patient activity and identify patient eligibility and reimbursement opportunities — all in one place. With this comprehensive solution, hospitals can convert self-pay patients to reimbursement-eligible accounts and lower the overall cost to manage those accounts.

Maximize Reimbursements

MAPS quickly identifies the appropriate program coverage for screened patients so you can claim the largest reimbursement possible.

Young Medical Practice Nurse Uses Office Ally on Company Computer
Doctor Works on Computer in Medical Practice Office

Increase Production

Your team can easily use MAPS to boost production through automation, document control and accountability.

Leverage Advanced Tools

MAPS includes some of the most advanced management and reporting tools available in the industry—all turnkey. You can identify potential issues and streamline processes with a customizable portfolio of reports.

Medical Practice Employee Uses Computer for Claim Submission
Medical Practice Professional Uses Tablet

Ensure Compliance

MAPS uses a simple process that helps you meet compliance requirements, and the clear audit trail enables you to meet legislative and government mandates.

Improve Patient Engagement

Office Ally offers real time Claim Status allowing providers to check the status of where the claim is in the payers adjudication system.

Female Medical Practice Employee Working at Computer in Medical Office
Easily find insurance coverages for self-pay patients

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