Regulatory Information

Change is inevitable in the coming years for the healthcare industry. Office Ally stays ahead of and complies with all HIPAA and Affordable Care Act Regulations mandates. We help customers face and overcome the challenges of compliance.

The Regulatory Information page is where you can come to find the most up to date information on upcoming mandates and requirements all in one place.

Important Dates

January 1, 2016 – Enrollment, Prior Authorization and Claims Attachment Operating Rules Compliance date

November 7, 2016 – Health Plan ID (HPID) full usage date

Operating Rules

CORE Phase I and II: Eligibility (270/271) and Claim Status (276/277)
CORE Phase III: EFT and ERA (835) Operating Rules
CORE Phase IV: Health Care Claims (837), Health Care Service Review - Request for Review and Response (278), Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance (834), Premium Payment (820)

CORE Mandated Operating Rules
Operating Rules FAQs

Important Announcements

Ability for Providers to Register Physical Address

With the implementation of the 5010 format, PO or Lock Box addresses are no longer allowed in the Billing Provider loop (CMS-1500 Box 33). To assist users who cannot send both the Billing Provider and Pay To Provider addresses together, Office Ally offers the ability for Providers to register their physical address with Office Ally to meet the 5010 requirement for CMS-1500 Box 33 Billing Provider Address.

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