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Three Benefits of a Payment Processing Solution

January 30, 2024
Office Ally Patient Payments, Powered by Stripe

Patient payment processing solutions can improve your organization in many ways—if you know what to look for. 

Collecting patient payments in a timely and cost-efficient way is critical to the financial health of your organization, and modern payment processing systems help you get back more of what’s owed. Plus, patients are now expecting more modern options from their health-care providers, such as multiple ways to pay. A modern payment processing solution can exceed patients 'expectations while promoting your financial health. With a successful solution, you:

  1. Get paid faster.
  2. Increase your patients' satisfaction
  3. Save time 

Let’s dive deeper into these benefits of payment processing solutions and what you should look for when choosing the right solution for you. 

Benefit One: Get Paid Faster 

A payment processing solution can help your organization optimize your revenue cycle, putting money in your pocket faster. With a streamlined, efficient system that promptly settles bills at the time of service, you get the best financial outcome rather than deferring or losing revenue. And when a solution is easy to use, you can set it up and start transacting in minutes, so you don’t have to slow down your workflows or processes. 

What to Look For 

When researching a patient payment solution that can save you money, look for an integrated solution that includes minimal overhead and competitive transaction rates. 

Benefit Two: Increase Patient Satisfaction 

As patients become more accustomed to online and digital payment methods, they expect them in every aspect of their lives—and health care is no exception. A modern payment processing solution that provides multiple ways to pay can meet (and exceed) patient expectations, increasing their satisfaction. Having multiple payment options benefits you too—when your team can easily accept multiple forms of payment, your collections move quickly. 

In addition to multiple payment options, patients also expect data security and privacy. A payment processing solution can help alleviate the burden of data protection by providing a secure environment for your patient data, including payment information. 

What to Look For 

To increase your patients' satisfaction with payment options, you'll want a solution that gives patients the flexibility of multiple payment types, such as secure, convenient text-to-pay functionality. Consider an integrated solution that can make payment quicker and easier for both patients and your team. 

Benefit Three: Save Time 

A payment processing solution saves time for everyone in your organization. It improves overall practice efficiency, from training team members faster to getting patients out the door swiftly. 

A streamlined payment processing system can save you time when onboarding new team members by providing a simple workflow that doesn’t require extensive, time-consuming training. And, streamlining your payment processing reduces the time patients spend in the office for their appointment, increasing customer satisfaction. 

What to Look For 

No one has time for confusing, overwhelming software. As you seek ways to save time with patient payments, look for a solution that is quick to learn so it doesn't slow down your team. Look for a solution that doesn’t require previous technological expertise, which can slow down setup and training—and generally cause stress and frustration. As an added bonus, look for an integrated solution to help you save even more payment processing time. 

Get These Benefits and More 

A payment processing solution improves your organization in more ways than you might think. A successful solution can help you get paid faster, increase patient satisfaction, and save everybody time. An integrated solution enhances these benefits even further with easy setup and transactions. 

For all these benefits and more, consider Patient Payments by Office Ally. This solution, powered by Stripe, is designed for swift setup, user-friendliness, and convenience. With this budget-friendly solution, you can begin transacting in minutes with competitive transaction rates, text-to-pay functionality, and low overhead.

Patient Payments can help improve your organization by enhancing financial efficiency and streamlining operations so you can simplify the patient payment process for your organization—and enjoy all the benefits that come with it.